🚀 Fresh Features Await You on ME Label

latest features & enhancements on ME Label to improve the Musician Experience.

We’re excited to bring you some great news about the latest features & enhancements rolled out on ME Label. Our team has been hard at work, and we’re happy to share these updates to improve your experience.

Redesigned Income View

Redesigned Income View
Get ready for a whole new way to visualize and manage your income! Our redesigned income view provides you with a sleek and intuitive interface that gives you a clearer picture of your earnings. With easy-to-understand monthly views, top-performing DSPs, Products, and country; you’ll be able to track your revenue more efficiently and make informed decisions about your music business.

Merch Distribution

Merch Distribution for Musicians

We’re taking your distribution experience up a notch with our brand-new merchandise product integration. Now you can seamlessly upload your merchandise offerings as products. Which we then distribute to online marketplaces like Amazon as well as on your Spotify or YouTube artist profile. Showcase your products to your international audience, and track sales directly within the platform. It’s never been easier to expand your creative brand.

Monthly Statement Email

Say hello to hassle-free record-keeping! We’ve introduced a monthly statement email feature that summarizes your account activity. You’ll receive a breakdown of your monthly earnings, payouts, and current balance right in your inbox. It’s a convenient way to stay on top of your financial performance without having to login.

Improved Support

We are constantly improving our Artist and label support. We are expanding our team to provide timely support to our members. We have also included a feedback box for logged-in users so you can report any bugs, ideas, or any other feedback.

Upcoming Features Sneak Peek

We’re not stopping here! Over the next few months, we have even more exciting updates lined up for you. To keep up with the platform updates, please checkout our roadmap. And feel free to request new features from there.